Lunch at a Rare Dunkin' Deli in New York City

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Visited Location: 395 Hudson St @ Clarkson St

Dunkin' ... Deli?

Dunkin_Deli_Outside.jpg That's right... It's the strange result of Dunkin' Donuts owning the Togo's chain of sandwich shops, which has free-standing locations on the West Coast. Here in the East, Togo's apparently was dual- or triple-branded with Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robins. In the late 1990s the name "Dunkin' Deli" replaced Togo's in these locations.

Dunkin' Donuts acknowledges the Deli brand's existence in the nutritional information section of its website, but otherwise makes no mention in its store locator or brand history sections.

Strange history aside, Dunkin' Deli's are extremely rare in New York City. Since not searchable on Dunkin' Donuts' site and not accurately separately listed on Google Maps and Yelp, it's anyone's guess to how many of these locations exist in New York City. I've personally been to over 50 Dunkin' Donuts in this city, however, and I know of only one: 395 Hudson St @ Clarkson St.

Dunkin_Deli_Inside.jpgFrom the outside, apart from some Dunkin' Deli labeling, this looks like an average Dunkin' Donuts. On the inside, for the most part, this still looks like an average Dunkin' Donuts, especially now that practically all Dunkin' Donuts' offer hot food items. However, the menu board is extended to include the deli sandwiches, with selections such as a Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich and a Turkey and Bacon Club Sandwich.

There are multiple bread selections, such as white, wheat, and flat. Toasting appears to be the norm as do onions on sandwiches where you might expect someone to want them. Unlike Subway and Quiznos, personalization of toppings is not encouraged, with order reception taking place at the coffee counter, fulfillment in a separate area separated off on many sides by a solid wall, and delivery occurring from a window labeled "Sandwich Pickup".

Dunkin_Deli_Sign.jpg I've had both the chicken bruschetta and turkey/bacon club sandwiches. Both had the hot toasted taste of Quiznos, and both were loaded with onions. The tomatoes on my recent turkey/bacon club had no flavor.

One important last item of discussion is price. Dunkin' Deli is not particularly competitive priced, with the small sandwiches priced around $4.99 and the large around $7.99. The small sandwiches come nowhere near in size to Subway's five-dollar footlongs, so lunch here is certainly not economical.

While not inexpensive, an occasion meal from Dunkin' Deli provides a welcome, more flavorful alternative to the suite of subs from Subway.

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Dunkin Deli?? I've never heard of this, wtf?

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Miguel Maysonet trying to run his way on to Cleveland Browns' roster
BEREA, Ohio -- It is a few minutes after practice, and Miguel Maysonet sits on a bench overlooking the sprawling practice field at the Browns' training complex,Seahawks WR Sidney Rice heads to Switzerland for t, talking hopefully about calling this place home for his NFL career.
The former Stony Brook star knows it won't be easy, not with a glut of running backs in training camp, not with blue-chip tailback Trent Richardson atop the depth chart. But Maysonet has come this far after a terrific career with the Seawolves,Ten Thoughts on the NFL- Chicago Bears and beyond, so the dream lives on for Riverhead's favorite son.
I'm a guy from Stony Brook, and some people look down on it because of the competition we played,By any name, Dolphins' Cameron Wake a force as an, Maysonet said. But I'm here for a reason, because they saw something in me. So I'm excited to show them what I can do.
Maysonet's fledgling NFL career already has taken some unusual turns, and it remains to be seen whether he'll be with the Browns once training camp ends. Maysonet had hoped to be drafted in the mid-to-lower rounds, but he was not selected. The Eagles signed Maysonet to a rookie free-agent deal, but even those plans fizzled early. Philly released Maysonet a few days after a rookie mini-camp, preferring to go with veteran free agent Felix Jones, the former Cowboy.
I was out with my buddies playing golf, and I was going to report the very next week, Maysonet said. [The Eagles] called me and said they signed another running back and that they were going to release me.
Confused? Yes.
Disappointed? Absolutely.
But Maysonet now sees the move as a blessing, because he thinks Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner's system fits him much better than Eagles coach Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense.
I like the offense here a lot better than what Philly ran, he said. It's good for a running back . . . real good. We do a lot of 'downhill' stuff and run out of the I formation with a fullback, not east-west stuff like in Philly. There's a lot of power runs, and the backs get out on some [pass] routes. I'm excited about that.
Now it's a matter of getting some chances,Aaron Hernandez case, which are few and far between for the moment. Buried on the depth chart, he gets few practice reps because of all the running backs ahead of him. Besides, everyone knows Richardson, the second-year tailback out of Alabama, is the focal point of the offense. For now, Maysonet's proving ground is individual drills.
It's different, coming from getting all the reps back in college to here, where you start off at the bottom, said Maysonet, who rushed for 1,964 yards and 21 touchdowns last season, one of the most prolific seasons ever in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and a performance that attracted plenty of attention from NFL scouts. You just have to keep working, stay positive with the whole situation of not getting reps. It's good. With all the guys ahead of me, I have to bide my time and be prepared when the chance does come.
But Maysonet has the unique opportunity to watch and learn from one of the NFL's most gifted backs. Richardson, the third overall pick in the 2012 draft, rushed for 950 yards and 11 TDs as a rookie and is aiming for a breakout season this year.
Being around Trent is amazing, Maysonet said. I go from playing college ball and watching him in the NFL to actually being next to him as a running back. I've learned a lot of things from him. For Trent's size, he has exceptional speed, and he makes some cuts that make you say 'Wow.'
Maysonet knows he's not in the same class as Richardson, but he does believe he deserves to be at this level, despite the meteoric leap in competition from his days at Stony Brook. He saw just how different things are at this level the first day he walked onto the practice field. And that was even before practice started.
I've never experienced walking out on the practice field and seeing 3,000 people just sitting there ready to watch you, he said. When I was at Stony Brook,AFC Update- Arrests And Legal Issues Continue Acro, we'd have maybe two people in the stands . . . if that. So when I saw all the fans just hanging out, it was mind-blowing. But it was a great feeling to be able to experience that.
Now he's ready to experience what it's like to walk onto the field in front of nearly 70,000 people. If he can make it to game day in September, Maysonet's dream comes true.

html模版,Hot Sale 2013 Latest NFL JerseysTwo dead after shooting
Special Correspondent

GREENE COUNTY A man and a woman are dead following an apparent murder-suicide at a Larkins Road home Saturday.

According to a release from the Greene County Sheriff office, Jimmy R. Carter,Cheap Nike NFL jerseys Supplier,What really killed the Egyptian-, 51, shot Elizabeth Reed Carter, 47, and then turned the gun on himself at a home at 3482 Larkins Road, near Wilberforce Clifton Road in Miami Township.

According to earlier reports, a family gathering was underway when the shooting occurred.

According to court records, the pair divorced in 2009, but according to the Sheriff s Office, were both living at the Larkins Road home.

Deputies, along with the Cedarville and Yellow Springs police, arrived on scene sometime around 9 p.m. Saturday after receiving a 911 call through the Greene Central Communications Center.

Deputies made emergency entry into the residence in an effort to rescue Elizabeth Carter, who was reported shot and injured inside the home with a reportedly injured James Carter.

James Carter was severely injured but died while Miami Township EMTs were rendering medical aid.

An investigation into the homicide is ongoing and could take several weeks; an official ruling on the method and manner of death will be made by the Greene County Coroner s Office.

Tony Dorsett among ex
Seventeen Pro Football Hall of Famers and Dave Robinson, who will be inducted this weekend, have signed a letter telling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell they are concerned about medical care for former players and the league’s “continued denial of the link between repeated head impacts and permanent brain damage.”The letter, obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday and signed by NFL greats including Tony Dorsett, Floyd Little, Leroy Kelly and Paul Krause, comes just a few days ahead of the Hall of Fame festivities in Canton, Ohio.The league is being sued by about 4,200 players who say they suffer from dementia,Ivy League alum Mike Catapano begins NFL test with, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions, which they believe stem from on-field concussions. Ten of the letter’s signees are plaintiffs in the ongoing legal fight: Dorsett, Kelly, Krause, Lem Barney, Chris Doleman, Mel Renfro, Tommy McDonald, Randy White, Rayfield Wright and Joe DeLamielleure.Goodell and the NFL insist that player safety has always been a top priority, and league spokesman Greg Aiello told the AP in an email Wednesday night that the players don’t have their facts right.“We have not seen the letter, but we make no such denial regarding concussions,The NFL has banned fanny packs from stadiums,” Aiello said. “In fact, our concussion poster for players in every locker room, created in conjunction with the CDC a few years ago, states: ‘Repetitive brain injury, when not managed promptly and properly, may cause permanent damage to your brain.“’In the concussion legal dispute, a federal judge in Philadelphia has ordered the two sides into mediation over how the complaints will be litigated — in court or in arbitration. U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody asked for a progress report by Sept. 3 and put a gag order on the lawyers involved.Clearly, there was no silencing of the Hall of Famers, many of whom plan to be in Canton for the 50th anniversary of the football shrine.“Legions of former players suffer short-term memory loss and other neurological issues, and many cannot even remember taking part in some of the NFL’s greatest moments,Khalil Mack 2014 NFL Draft preseason scouting repo,” they wrote to Goodell. “In the meantime, the NFL publicly touts the ‘benefits’ it provides to former players with brain injuries, while denying these players necessary medical monitoring, long-term care,5 NFL teams that could surprise in 2013, and security.“No one wants to see another generation of players suffer this fate. As former players,5 NFL teams that could surprise in 2013, we refuse to stand by quietly and watch men who unknowingly sacrificed their health and future to the NFL go without the care they desperately need.“Mr. Goodell, we ask you, as the commissioner of the league, to provide the security and care all former players and their families deserve.” by

Tristan Etienne, a 6-10, 210-pound forward from Abbotsford, British Columbia, gave a verbal commitment to Washington.
The Canadian big man is the first 2014 prospect to commit to the Huskies.
Growing up as a kid when I started watching the NCAA, Washington was a school that I took a liking too, Etienne said. When I realized I had a chance to go D-1, it was the school I was shooting for and the school I was dreaming about. I m just so happy I had the opportunity to go there and play.
Etienne had offers from Washington State, Utah, Portland, Portland State and Boise State.
Washington is my dream school and it s where I wanted to go so when they offered me I decided to get it done, Etienne said.
Etienne plays for W. J. Mouat Secondary School. His AAU team is DRIVE Basketball.
I like to think of myself as a defensive player that will protect the basket, he said. I like to keep my teammates involved. Good passer. Get rebounds. Block shots. Do everything I can to help my team.
DRIVE Basketball coach Pasha Bains said Etienne is a perfect fit for the Huskies.
He s a 6-10 kid that can move, said Bains, who played at Clemson. He doesn t move like a 6-10 guy. He moves like a guard. He s fluid. He s a great shot blocker. He can shoot basketball. He s a great passer. He works very hard. He s probably the best kid I ve ever seen at getting loose balls at his height. And to say that about a 6-10 guy is pretty amazing. He s a guy who s very flexible and athletic. Just an overall great player with a lot of upside.
When you look down the road the next 2-3 years, he s a kid who hasn t been in the weight room much. He s had a couple of injuries that kind of stalled that and I see that as a good thing. These other kids have filled out already. He can probably put on 20-30 pounds as he matures. Washington likes to run and he can do that. He s a really bright kid. He s been a 4.0 student and he scored really well on his SAT. He s just a really good team guy. I think Washington is lucky to have him.
Unlike Gonzaga, Washington hasn t plucked many recruits from Canada. Todd MacCulloch (1995-1999) was UW s last significant player from Canada. Former UW standout Lars Hansen (1973-76) grew up in Coquitlam,Nike San Diego Chargers jerseys, B.C.
Washington has a very good reputation here,Saini to serve 15 years to life_1,wholesale Washington Redskins jerseys, Bains. A lot of kids look at that as a dream. To be completely honest there s very few kids here that could go from B.C. and play at Washington. I think Robert Sacre was one. I m not sure what happened with Washington and Sacre or if he had an offer.
But Tristan is a very rare player here. We don t get these types of players very often and I think that s why Washington stepped up and took him.
Here s video highlights (below) of Etienne.

NFL teams could use police experts to check prospects' tattoos
NFL teams could check tattoos in the wake of recent headline-grabbing arrest. USATSI The reaction to arrest and murder charge, as the former tight end remains in jail,NFL likely to decide Josh Brent of Dallas Cowboys, has been, understandably, outrage.But some of it's just insanely over the top,Dion Jordan is the Dolphins' wild card, like the notion . Or that the NFL might have "police experts" check prospects tattoos, which's Bruce Feldman hears is a possibility.Spoke w longtime NFL personnel man who said in wake of AaronHernandez teams may use police experts to check prospects tattoos Bruce Feldman @BFeldmanCBS There's some logic here. If a prospect has gang-related tattoos on his body, finding out about those would be an important thing for a team interested in selecting said prospect. Gang activity isn't a good thing for the old r sum .But at the same time,Broncos, NFL execs under microscope following recent arrests, there's a little bit of awkward -- and potentially questionable? -- profiling here. It's like saying that only people who have tattoos are potentially guilty of taking part in gang activity. Being careful about prospects is important. NFL teams invest a lot of time and money in the players they select. But discriminating based on body art? We've seen a sports columnist questions 's tattoos and it didn't end well.Although it's not like Jerry Richardson got in trouble for essentially screening for tattoos and piercings,Terrelle Pryor said he never knew how to throw a football before this offseason, . Maybe NFL teams will be able to get away with specious examination of tattoo-covered prospects after all.
Topics: , ,Riley Cooper Makes Racist Comment At Kenny Chesney Concert- Report (VIDEO), , ,

NFL officials review rule changes with New Orleans Saints
Numerous changes made to address player safetyNFL officials will enforce several new rules changes, and apply several points of emphasis, for the upcoming season as the league continues to make player safety a high priority, referee Walt Coleman said Thursday. Coleman and a crew in town to observe the Saints’ seventh training camp practice Thursday also showed the team a video which detailed examples of the new rules changes and points of emphasis. Among the rules changes, runners and tacklers will be prohibited from initiating forcible contact with the crown of the helmet outside the tackle box. The elements present must be that the player has lined up his opponent, must lower his head and deliver a forcible blow with the crown of his helmet to any portion of the body of his opponent. The infraction will result in a 15-yard penalty and, possibly, the offender will be disciplined by the league. Also, restrictions have been added to the defense on field-goal and point-after attempts,Jadeveon Clowney 'meaner, nastier' version of Julius Peppers, in order to protect players in a vulnerable position. Beginning this season the defense cannot have more than six players on the line of scrimmage on either side of the snapper when the ball is snapped. If it does,Ryan Clady, Broncos reach long, the result will be a 5-yard penalty for illegal formation. And defensive players are prohibited from pushing down linemen into the offensive formation. That will result in a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. The defense will be prohibited from blocking below the waist at any time during a down in which there is a scrimmage kick (including punts, field goals and point-after attempts). Previously, players on the line of scrimmage could block low. The kicking team can still block low until the ball is kicked. Still another rule change will be that defensive players will be prohibited from lining up over the center on scrimmage kicks. Snappers gain additional protection this year – he will be considered defenseless and receive all the special protections of defenseless players. While he’s snapping he can’t be contacted in the head or with the crown, hairline or forehead parts of the helmet to any parts of the body. Delivering a direct blow to the snapper will be a foul. The peelback block will be illegal anywhere in the field of play. Previously, it was illegal only outside the tackle box. The near shoulder must get completely across the front of the opponent’s body in order to avoid the penalty. Offenders will be assessed a 15-yard penalty and potential discipline. Players committing a clear violation of rules prohibiting contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless player shall be considered for suspension when the play involves an unobstructed path to his opponent – the opponent’s position hasn’t been significantly affected by any other player and the contact was clearly avoidable. If there’s a mitigating factor,Aaron Hernandez letter- Patriots TE reportedly can, the player may not be suspended but he may be fined. If he’s a repeat violator, he could be subject to league discipline. Another rule is that all players, except kickers and punters,Broncos, Ryan Clady reach five, will be required to wear thigh and knee pads. All pads must be covered by the uniform and knee pads must cover the knee. Players in violation of the rule won’t be allowed to play until the issue is corrected. If a player who has been removed returns without the proper equipment,The NFL's summertime blues aren't going away, it’ll be a 5-yard penalty. A repeat violation will result in disqualification. The tuck rule has been modified to state that any loss of control after the passer starts to tuck the ball back toward his body will be a fumble. Also, a new rule has been implemented which stipulates that a play can still be reviewed after a coach erroneously throws his challenge flag. If a coach challenges a scoring play, turnover, play that began after the two-minute warning of either half or during an overtime period, that team will be charged a timeout. If the team is out of timeouts it’ll be assessed a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. But the play still can be reviewed. Regarding points of emphasis, officials closely will monitor the hitting of players around the pile and on the ground. Such acts potentially will result in unnecessary roughness penalties. Also, it is a foul when a runner grabs a defender’s facemask and twists, turns or pulls it. It’s a foul if a player grabs a player’s facemask and controls it. If the mask is grabbed and not immediately released, a foul will be called. This applies to all players – runners and tacklers are treated the same. And sportsmanship also will be emphasized. Game officials will pay attention to acts directed at an opponent that constitute taunting.

NFL Football Tickets Go Long on
The defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens released tickets this week. Above, an aerial view of M&T Stadium with room for 71,008 raving Ravens fans.
Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) July 25,Fox, Temple Hill Acquire Super Bowl MVP QB Kurt Warner', 2013 NFL teams are kicking off their 2013 season ticket sales this month, scoring big time yardage at online ticket marketplace
This week,Aaron Hernandez appears to be holding a gun in grainy photos released in court documents, the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans tickets go on sale.
Two weeks ago, the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts released tickets. The New England Patriots made individual game tickets available on July 16.
“There’s no question that MLB Baseball continues to dominate traffic in sports. But now, NFL Football tickets are beginning to go long on traffic too as seats for more clubs went on sale this week,” said Felina Martinez at online ticket marketplace
“That’s why we’re proud to offer sports fans the most comprehensive and continuously updated selection of sports tickets online, with a worry-free guarantee to protect their purchase,” said Martinez.
“To access the complete roster of NFL Football tickets now available, customers can go to and click on NFL Football – then select their team and their tickets,WR Edelman works his way back for Patriots,” said Martinez.
The 2013 NFL Football preseason is about a week and a half away, with the Miami Dolphins hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday August 4 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. A plethora of other team preseason openers are set for the following Thursday and Friday, August 8 and 9.
This year’s regular season runs from September 5 through December 29. The season opener is tentatively set for Thursday September 5th, with the defending Super Bowl XLVII champion Baltimore Ravens playing in the annual kickoff game.
The Ravens were expected to host that game; however, due to a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles, the Ravens are currently set to open the season on the road against the Denver Broncos in a rematch of a 2012 Divisional Round playoff game.
The season will end with Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2, 2014 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
To shop for ,Mario Williams questions frustrate Bills' Doug Marrone, visit
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