“The New Starbucks” Plugs the Lid


It has finally happened. “The New Starbucks” has come up with a solution to the much-despised (especially by myself) “sippy cup lid.” I can now confirm the availability of of a green plug with a rod that fits somewhat securely on the lid’s opening.

Much in the fashion of Apple’s Mighty Mouse, where the computer manufacturer came up with a two-button mouse that still technically is a one-button mouse, Starbucks obviously hasn’t wanted to admit its lid’s major shortcoming.

From my limited research, limited to one Starbucks location in Manhattan, the plug/rod device is only available upon special request. Upon my proclamation that this invention was long overdue and would have saved me several burns and cleanups had it come out earlier, one barista informed the other that “it’s true, you can find complaints about these lids all over the internet.”

Maybe this “New Starbucks” idea isn’t so bad. They might have killed the breakfast sandwich, but this new lid and the new Pike Place Roast, which doesn’t charcoal your mouth nearly as much, do represent significant improvements.

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