Two-Month Update

It’s been over two months since I last posted a life-related entry, so I figure I should post an update…
Late May and early June are always the same in Vienna. A good number of high school alumni are back, and they essentially go to the same bar, Lukas. The first couple weeks were pretty good, as you can see in the photo section of my website. Of particular note were two nights: June 3 (After Graduation) and June 13 (End of the Year Quarry).
The World Cup helped in keeping the rest of the month somewhat interesting. There were some good nights, as can be seen in the photo gallery, but it was more calm in general.
Thankfully Kerstin came towards the end of the month, who, along with Chris, Kenneth, Oliver, and sometimes Stani, kept life fun. We had multiple small parties at Kerstin’s house, went bar hopping, took two trips to Neusiedler See, etc.
My summer plans changed significantly two Mondays ago, when I met a man downtown who forwarded my contact information and background, which led to an interview, and now a potentially permanent job in Vienna. Originally I had planned on going back to the States in mid-August.
Right now Vienna is kind of in a boring spell, save for the occasional random weekend night insanity. Chris is leaving Sunday, but Thorsten is coming Wednesday, followed by the return of Kerstin on Friday. It looks like it will be a fun August. Maybe I’ll actually update this weblog, but otherwise you can update yourself using the photo gallery.

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