Oops, There Goes the Guestbook!

viper_guestbook.jpgTonight I noticed that there was an upgrade available for my guestbook script. So, thinking it couldn’t take long, I decided to install it. However, the “Black Sunrise” skin I use wasn’t working with it, one thing led to another, and I ended up accidentally deleting the whole guestbook database. Luckily there’s a Google cache of the entire guestbook. So, after some manual copy and pasting I can restore it soon. I’ve got more important things to do right now though, so it could take a day or two.
This is not the first time a “minor” upgrade has caused me panic at the midnight hour. See “23 Hours of Panic” from last summer.
In other news, my site had it’s 50,000th visitor (since April 1, 2000) tonight… Someone from Englishtown, New Jersey.

One thought on “Oops, There Goes the Guestbook!

  1. Hi, I was just checking out AIS stuff on a search, and came across your website. I also went to Ais vienna, I graduated in 1991 though. Its been a while. Anyway, good to see that you have nice things to say. Take care, Kev

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