Lost in Translation Series: “Here Stops the Christmas Tram”

Vienna Christmas TramThis past summer I began posting examples of botched translations I stumbled upon around Vienna. First there was the city’s public transit operator, Wiener Linien, which posted thousands of signs in ugly English. There was also the city’s international tennis tournament that “went a noun.”
Today my friend Kathi sent me a photo she took with her cell phone of another translation that obviously did not pass too many English-enlightened copyeditors before hitting the streets. It’s a poster advertising a special tram service run or sponsored by a bakery chain during the holiday season. What should read “The ‘Christmas Tram’ Stops Here” has been sloppily translated to “Here stops the ‘Christmas Tram'”.
Many Viennese speak great English. Had this ad passed through more than two or three hands before it was posted all around town, someone would have probably caught the mistake. But apparently that would have required too much effort.
Update: It turns out the Wiener Linien are responsible for this sign as well… Who would have thought!?

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