Facebook Feeds: Good Idea, But Not Enough Options

Yesterday Facebook added a “Feeds” feature which shows a user’s every move on the friends network to his or her friends. The addition caused an immense negative reaction by users concerned about their privacy.
A lot of the activities are a bit creepy, such as seeing when “X writes on Y’s wall”, when “Y breaks up with Z” and when someone joins or leaves a group. Facebook definitely needs to create line-item privacy options of what activity a user wants to show. However, I see no harm in the feeds feature itself, as it gives a great overview of what a user’s friends are up to. If users had actually only added their real friends, instead of hundreds of people they’ve maybe met once, maybe we wouldn’t have a problem!
When a user creates a photo album, they most-likely want their friends to see it. Same would go for a new note or event… At least that would be my expectation. I certainly hope Facebook keeps the general structure of the “Feeds” feature, but allows users to choose how much of their activity they’d like to share, and possibly how much of their friends’ activity they’d like to see.

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