Ultra-Capitalism Strikes Again

As if the $20 DVD players at Wal-Mart weren’t enough, now Syracuse is home to a Steve & Barry’s University Sportswear.
Today, while at the Carousel Center for various little things, I gave into one of the many signs throughout the mall promoting the new Steve & Barry’s on the commons level. It claimed everything in the store was $9.98 or less for the grand opening (which has been going on awhile now). I didn’t think too much of it at first, assuming they only sold some cheap t-shirts and sweaters. Turns out it is more like an Old Navy with the added bonus of a bunch of university-licensed material. Unlike Old Navy however…

  • Jeans were $9.98
  • Fleeces were $9.98
  • Polo shirts were $7.98 or $9.98
  • Winter jackets were $9.98!

Now that’s some crazy capitalism that makes H&M seem like Prada! I don’t even want to imagine what those workers in Malawi… that’s right, Malawi (Chinese labor must be too expensive), are being paid.
Those $9.98 winter jackets though… They get to join my capitalism hall of fame, along with the 6-cent folders and the ten-cent notebooks at Wal-Mart.

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