Lots Going Wrong

Another day has passed, and, besides a record five weblog entries, I haven’t achieved much. I have a ten-page, fourteen-source essay due Tuesday at 11:15, and, as usual, I’m leaving most of the work for the last day. Tomorrow I’m getting up at nine or so so I can go to the Austrian National Library to get some book sources so that not all my sources are from full-text journal entries via the Syracuse University Library website. I also have to buy paper and a new black ink cartridge.
I have definitely learned a valuable lesson this summer: Never take a summer class… EVER! I’m taking one class here at Webster University Vienna, and even that seems like to much work. I just want to do nothing… Absolutely nothing… Sort of like I’m doing right now… But I hate the guilty feeling I get that I’m doing nothing when I have an essay due in 35 hours.
In other news, nightlife is still crap. I often reminisce about the better days in Vienna (See Vienna Trip I and Vienna Trip II).
In terms of my body, I am an old man. Granted, I can still run to the neighboring Mauer neighborhood in ten minutes, but otherwise everything is busted. My reoccurring ribcage problem, which has existed for over two years, has been horrible this week. I’m popping Target-brand Aleve tablets and rubbing on Wal-Mart-brand BENGAY all day.
I think I’m going blind. My left eyesight has receded and I can officially say Focus Daily Contact Lenses are horrible. They stick to my eyes like glue. While taking one out last night I accidentally plucked the entire eye ball. Yum.
My right eyelid is still all messed up. To counter this problem I widen my eyes like crazy in photos.
I haven’t played soccer in years, but I’m pretty sure if I did my left leg would strike, as I basically permanently messed it up ten years ago.
My pinky fingers are still deformed from playing football with the “big boys” many years ago.
Luckily a dentist here told me my teeth are actually doing pretty good. My last physical last August found everything important, like my blood, all right too.

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