I Hate to Say They Told Me So

How many times have you been told to back up your data? Here at SU’s Kimmel Computer Lab there’s even a 40-inch (102-centimeter) screen that tells you nothing else. But of course, just like death, a STD, or pregnancy, you think it can never happen to you!
Thursday afternoon I came back to apartment to find my PowerBook making nothing but a clicking noise. I drove straight to the nearest Apple store where the problem was diagnosed, my PowerBook was taken in, and I was told I’d never see my data again.
I’m only about to realize what I lost. Every day I remember about more and more files that were exclusively on that hard drive. I even had a 120GB external drive I could have backed some important data to, but I mainly used it for video files, which I had backed up on digital tape anyway!
In better news, the weather is still great! Woohoo!

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