Handling Cash

I’ve been pretty lazy today. I needed a ton of sleep after yesterday, so I slept until around 1 p.m. In about an hour I have to be at work. For the first time ever I’m scheduled to work as a cashier tonight. I’ve cashier a lot, because when I work on the salesfloor I’m expected to help whenever it gets busy at the front of the store. Target has a “1+1” policy, which means whenever more than one person is waiting in line, backup is supposed to be called.
I’m horrible on the register though, mostly because I spend the majority of my time on the salesfloor. I also don’t like the pressure, as when you’re on register, the guests are all serious, because, afterall, you’re messing with their money, and they want to make sure they’re not overcharged.
Anyways, I have to hit the shower and drive to work.

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