Good Night and Good Luck.

Tuesday night I saw Good Night and Good Luck. at the Palace Theatre in the Eastwood Neighborhood of Syracuse, in what would be the first of a two-night tour of old-school Syracusan theaters. The Palace reopened this year after a half-million dollar renovation. It’s a pretty cool place… It even has a café. About 25 people were there. I estimated that the theater holds about 600.
Movie PosterAnyways, the movie was pretty good. McCarthyism is a pretty relevant topic again today. With Bush authorizing wire tapping and people randomly being labeled as terrorists simply because they look Islamic. It is quite ridiculous that Senator McCarthy got away with what he did for several years. A great moment in the movie was the rebuttal segment, where his arguments started falling apart.
The whole fifties flair was great too, including the TV cigarette ads, and somebody lighting a cigarette virtually every five seconds.

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