Doctor Insanity

This is a plate from Gray's Anatomy. Unless stated otherwise, it is from the online edition of the 20th U.S. edition of Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, originally published in 1918. Caption: Lateral view of first and seventh ribs in position, showing the movements of the sternum and ribs in A, ordinary expiration; B, quiet inspiration; C, deep inspiration. This image in the public domain because its copyright has expired. This applies worldwide.It’s that time of year again… Doctor visits. I take care of all of them while at my parents’ house in Vestal. On Monday I went to go see my general physician for a physical. This past day, Tuesday, I had a physical therapy appointment at 1:15, and then an eye exam at 3:15. Tuesday’s visits both require a follow-up, to take place Monday and Saturday respectively, so that’s five doctor visits in a week! Craziness.
The physical therapy was for my rib issue. None of the previous doctors I had visited could figure out what was going on, even with the help of x-rays. The physical therapist took one feel and was able to tell me one of my ribs is basically out of position, and essentially crossing the one above it, leaving a big gap where it’s supposed to be.
He had me lye with a heating pad for about twenty minutes, which burned my arm (the mark is still there). He then did an ultrasound, which took about another ten minutes. The last twenty minutes he basically massaged the rib area and started using force to push the rib back into position, aided by me stretching in the opposite direction that he was pushing. He then told me about two things I can do at home. The first was really complex, I felt like a gymnast, and I have forgotten how to do it already. The second is easier and is basically a stretch to the right while taking a deep breath, so my lungs place pressure in the right area, I suppose.
Remember a couple weeks ago I complained about my vision fading in my left eye? I was right. In the last three months I have gone from having both eyes at -2.0 dioptre to having my left eye at -2.75 and my right eye at -2.5. Great… I’m going blind.
I rounded off the evening re-precoating the diatomic earth filter of our pool. It’s new, and for some reason it’s not working how it should. I then dug a few holes for flowers in the garden, and then went swimming.
Quite the filled-up Tuesday.

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