“Because Your Pool Should Be Fun, Not Work”

This was always the slogan of Baquacil, the chlorine-free pool care system my family has used in our pool since we got it over eleven years ago. Now their slogan is “Chlorine-Free, Care-Free.” Yeah right. I think my parents have put about five times as much time into maintaining our pool, then they ever swam in it. And they swim in it a lot! Pools are such a mess. It’s always a huge sensation when our pool is actually crystal clear. And, sadly, this state hardly ever lasts more than a day or two. I drove down to get our water professionally tested at the pool place. We do this about twice a week. The guy who tested it and I joke about how our pool is cursed.
I should probably go swimming. It’s a wonderful 86°F (30°C) outside. I’ve been really tired these past few days. I don’t know whether it’s the jetlag or something else. And for some reason I’m writing in really short sentences. I give up, this post is going nowhere!

2 thoughts on ““Because Your Pool Should Be Fun, Not Work”

  1. Hey, finally get a chance to comment on this thing. 🙂 Nice pool… do I hear a party? I sure do…. a couple of kegs, some ladies… and that pool will be the next best thing to Rhodes.

  2. If only there were some ladies in Vestal…
    But thanks for commenting, Thorsten. You were the first to do so since late 2003.

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