Unfailing Math

So, to make a long story short, my entire weekend was ruined by this image that I saw Thursday night on S.C.O.R.E. (The Syracuse University online registration and grade report system):


I wrote an email to my professor since I couldn’t understand how I had gotten this grade. Granted, I had failed two tests, but had an “A” in the lab section, an “A-” on another test, and was pretty sure I had done well on the final exam.
Anyways, I felt like crap all weekend. This morning I get an email back from my professor:

Thank you for the inquiry.
I found out that there was a mistake happened in the process of transferring
your lab score into the course grade file.
Your new grade will be c-.
I am sorry for this.

Personally I would think that before you give any student a “F” you should double-check their grade. But that’s just me.
Granted, I’m still embarrassed about getting a “C-” in “the easiest class on campus,” but I know I didn’t pay enough attention to it. I learned that with a low enough effort it is possible to do badly in even the “easiest class on campus.”
Now I just hope I got at least a “C-” in economics and “A-” in my other three classes. That would bring me to the strived-after 3.0. So until Wednesday, when grades are due, or until all my grades appear, whichever comes first, I’ll be a nervous wreck.

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