Short Night, Crazy Movie

Tonight was a very short night and I was home by midnight. I went to Flex and watched a European Cup game outside with a few friends and then went to Lukas for a bit.
I just saw the craziest movie. It’Äôs called Luna Papa, and get this: It’Äôs a Russian/German/French/Austrian/Swiss movie filmed in Uzbekistan. This seventeen year-old girl is raped and becomes pregnant. Her dad drags her and her mentally challenged brother across Uzbekistan looking for the guy who impregnated her. They’Äôre not successful. The daughter meets a guy from the Red Cross and saves him later in the movie when he is about to be killed by the mafia. He agrees to marry her as a thank you.
However, as they are about to be wed, a cow falls from the sky and kills the father and the groom. A week or so later the daughter overhears a pilot tell a story about how he had to throw a bull out of his plane because it was destabilizing it. She confronts him and it turns out that this guy is the father of her child. She is confused as hell and grabs a gun and shoots at him, which causes him to go into shock and fall into a coma. The people of the town have already been hateful to the girl and now they chase her out of the town.
Up until this point the movie is still somewhat realistic’Ķ Very coincidental, but realistic. But the last scene features the girl climbing onto the roof of a building and her brother short-circuiting the ceiling fans below her, causing them to spin so fast that she lifts off and flies away.
It there is one thing I hate, it’Äôs movies that are realistic throughout but then turn to fantasy in the last second! The movie was really well made until this point and it seems like they just ran out of creativity, money, or both and came up with this cheap ending.
With the exception of the last fifteen minutes and of course a few scenes throughout, the movie is hilarious. It has all the stereotypical USSR stuff like animals in planes and such.

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