Too Smart Machines

You know what I hate? Machines that ÏsmarterÓ than they can handle. We have this Epson printer here, for example, whose black cartridge was empty. The ÏsmartÓ printer didnÌt think it was empty however, and itÌll only slide the cartridge tray out when it thinks the cartridges are empty. So I ended up having to make the printer clean itself, and then I tried to quickly replace the cartridge while it was exposed. Of course this horribly failed and I ended up jamming the whole thing up.
We also had this fancy coffeemaker a few years ago that we had to trash because the machineÌs weight sensor was telling the machine that there was no coffee pot on it, so nothing worked.
Yeah÷ that was my random opinion article of the day.
ItÌs still horribly hot here÷ I canÌt take it! I already feel tired as hell from last night, and the heat isnÌt helping. I canÌt even fall asleep in this heat.

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