The W�rstelstand

Once again I did absolutely nothing during the day yesterday. I did eat lunch at the Maurer W½rstelstand down the street from me, where this Austrian guy kept talking to me about his day in hardcore Viennese dialect, so that I only understood about half he was saying. I just stood there and ate hoping he wouldnÌt ask me anything.
At night I picked up Kimmie and we drove to BillyÌs, where we sat around for an hour or two, after which we picked up Kerstin and Natalie with Daniel, who had joined us. We then went to Lukas (this is getting old!) and sat around a bit. Then Natalie and I went to KerstinÌs house for another one of her great house parties. I fell asleep during some movie and woke up around 3:15, after which I drove Natalie home and then went home myself and went to sleep.
Today I got up at around eleven, sat around a bit, and now IÌm at my dadÌs office to use his T3 internet. Tonight IÌm probably going to end up at Lukas again÷

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