State of Emergency Day

I had a pretty boring “State of Emergency Day.” In the morning I got a physical. After turning my head and coughing a bit I went home and tried to install my mom’s scanner. Then I did another random chore by going to the Sears Service Center and having them figure out how to open the carpet brush of our vacuum cleaner. That’s when the power started browning out. I didn’t think much of it until I got to the first traffic light. I got to the parkway pretty fast because there were no lights on! Maybe they should turn them off during rush hour! The parkway, however, was a horrible mess. The Giant parking lot looked like as if hell had broken lose with shopping carts everywhere and people running from the store as if a bomb had exploded inside it.
I expected my house to be without power but everything was fine. The lights dimmed a bit once or twice and my UPSs (backup batteries) beeped a few times. All-in-all I wasn’t affected at all by this “State of Emergency.”
Despite all being good in the neighborhood the county decided to curfew us at nine o’clock. I felt like a kid again÷ You know÷ “Be home by nine!” That’d be about it÷

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