No Bathrooms in Binghamton

I started my phonebook job on Monday÷ I kept getting the dates confused. Anyway, I basically got 1600 books and was told to deliver them within 48 hours! By Wednesday I had completed the first half, and now I got an extension until Monday to get them delivered. I’m delivering on Binghamton’s South Side÷ tons of fun!
I discovered that there are no bathrooms in Binghamton! Yeah, on Tuesday I went to a gas station, and the lady there told me to use the Subway across the street. I didn’t exactly feel like going in there and just using their bathroom, so I went to a fairly large Giant across the other street. Well, they didn’t have a bathroom either. So, I went to another gas station in the area, and when I asked the lady there told me “no” but the manager stepped in and told me I could use his office bathroom. So, after three sites I finally found relief!
And now, with over half the books still needing to be delivered, we have rain in the forecast for like the next six days! Wonderful!

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