Massive Partying

Yeah, yeah, IÌve been lazy again…
Saturday night was one of the better nights out. I could write for ages but IÌll just send you to my pictures site, where you can see 60 pictures (Shiraz and Charlie P’s). According to that one saying, that’d be 60,000 words.
Sunday night I met up with Natalie, Stani, and StaniÌs friend Phillip at BillyÌs. We watched some soccer game and then Natalie, Phillip, and I went to the Loos American Bar downtown. We didnÌt stay very long and ended up going to GeraldÌs house party for about an hour.
Monday night Natalie and I met up with Ardi at Che, after which we went to Rock Pub and then to Lukas.
This past night Stani and I went to BillyÌs and then met up with Daniel and went to PaddyÌs.

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