Getting Out of the House

Great I spent most of the past day editing another video. Gah÷ Then I messed up a portion of it. Whatever÷
I actually left the house this past day and went to Target and the Oakdale Mall mainly to÷ Hah, buy video equipment / media. I love shopping on Saturdays÷ Seriously÷ This “recession” seems to have bypassed our area÷ Except for all the layoffs of course. But seriously, the fact that I had to park out by McDonalds to go to Target says something to me. Or the fact that I got stuck in a traffic jam on the parkway, which says something about when and why people come to Vestal. There are no traffic jams on weekdays. Yeah÷ I guess weÌre pure retail.
At the Oakdale Mall I kept randomly mentally drifting off. The fact that I almost “accidentally” shoplifted Spencer and the fact that I ordered and paid for a coffee at the Coffee Beanery, and then walked out without picking it up proved this! Suave, Kai! I noticed once I was out the “door,” upon which I pretended I was just wandering around the place and suavely walked back to the coffee bar and picked up my coffee.

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