Five Hours

All right, It’s now nearly one in the morning and I have yet to do all my work for today. What I don’t get is how I could sit down at eight this past evening and do absolutely nothing for five hours. Five hours!
It’s not like I was unproductive… I did read one short story for my writing class. Too bad I still have to write an abstract on it and then fix up two abstracts, write another abstract, and then pick a photo for some project that I guess we’re going to do in class today.
Not to mention I have five classes today… Five! With the lack of sleep tonight this is going to be one hellish day!
I’m also on my second large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, which I just picked up across the street. The great thing is that the first one was such a waste because, even though it kept me awake, I didn’t achieve anything at all during this time.
Thankfully I have my own room and can do whatever the hell I want all night without annoying anyone! That’s right, I can listen to horribly loud Quindlen Shoals and Pix Lips music (I had to throw that in because Mark and Emil are about the only people that read my weblog) all night long without anyone complaining! Oh, I also just listened to a few Unlike You tracks I downloaded a long time ago from the Vienna Punk Festival Compilation. Sadly that band is now defunct. There, how’s that for praise? All those html tags just set me back another ten minutes in getting my work done!

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