Filmed, Dogsat, Watched Movie, Wrote Essay

Thursday I had by first job assignment which was to film a lecture at SUNY Upstate Medical University. I stood for a long time, which gave me a backache. But I also learned about a million ways people can die due to different kinds of heart failures!
There were no classes Friday, and I basically just sat around for several hours and then drove home. That was easier said then done, since I got into a huge traffic jam and ended up avoiding it by exiting and using US-11 for a few miles. But by that point I had already spent an extra thirty minutes in slow-moving traffic. After exiting I stopped at a very nasty Mobil station and had the pleasure of using their unisex bathroom. It was obvious that the only reason they had a unisex one was that their other bathroom was in disrepair. There was a “Men AND Women” Post-It note on the one that was open. Surprisingly the toilet flushed and there was soap by the sink!
Once I made it home I ate a bit and then did basically nothing!
Saturday I also did absolutely nothing!
Sunday I did nothing for most of the day (well I got up at one) and then hung out with Sergey and his friend. We ate some Chinese (food, not the people) and then watched The Rundown.
After having some cake and tea at Sergey’s apartment and driving his friend home it dawned on me that I still had a lot of writing to do for my English textual studies midterm essay. Well, me being me, I put that off some more, and then spent the morning hours finishing it.
I then drove back to college and handed it in and barely stayed awake in that class. Then I slept for a few hours.
Today I had my psychology class at 10. I then walked to CVS and bought some deodorant and mouthwash. Then I had my three-hour chemistry lab from which I was able to escape from after two hours.
After dinner I went to do some survey thing to get research credit for my psychology class. It was all about anti-Islamic stereotyping.
And tomorrow is the hellish five-class Wednesday! And I have a chemistry exam! Wonderful!

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