Delivering in the Projects

Well÷ Nothing new at all÷ I’m still delivering phonebooks! I hope I get done this morning though. Then I will have delivered nearly 1900 phonebooks! After delivering for about a week on Binghamton’s Southside (Felters Road “Projects,” Tompkins Road, etc.) where I would come home every afternoon and watch the news only to see someone was shot at one of the houses I delivered to, I am now delivering on some country road in Conklin. A lot of the houses up there are so horribly nasty. They have rusting cars overgrown by bushes in their front yard, often the stairs to their door are just gone, and for some reason a lot of them have a building permit in their windows÷ Yeah right÷ You’d think they renovate their house for once, hence the permit. They’re not going to do anything÷ it makes no sense, I don’t know who they’re kidding.
Anyway, I got to go eat something and then get this over with.

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