Cost Cutters Haircut

Weeew! I finally got a haircut today at my favorite place to get one÷ Cost Cutters!
Check out the sequence of events:
(I walk in)
Me: “Yeah, hi, I need a haircut.”
Lady 1: “Yes you do!” (I give a “heh heh” smirk) “WhatÌs your name?”
Me: “Kai”
Lady 1: “ThatÌs K-I?”
Me: “No, K-A-I”
Lady 1: “Gotcha.”
(I have a seat and two minutes pass)
Lady 2: “Ka, Ka, Ka, Kia?”
Me: (I get up) “Kai”
Lady 2: “Oh, sorry!”
Me: “No problem…”
(I walk over to the seat she walks over to and have a seat)
Lady 2: “So, how would you like you hair cut today?”
Me: “I just want it shorter÷ a lot shorter.”
Lady 2: “So IÌll just use a half-inch clipper and a (hardcore hairstylist technical talk).”
Me: “Uhh÷ sure÷”
(After ten or so minutes sheÌs done and we walk to the register)
Lady 2: “That comes to $11.95”
Me: “Make it 14” (I hand her a 20)
(She stands there a while and types something into the register and then into a little calculator in the register÷ I assume sheÌs trying to figure out what 20 minus 14 is)

Lady 2: “So you want six or seven back”
Me: “Uhh÷ six”
Lady 2: (She hands me the cash) “All right, have a nice weekend!”
Me: “You too!”
Wow, that was probably the longest entry in over a month÷ Anyway, IÌm going to head down to the basement and start making a video or two.

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