Carrier’s Untouched Market

ItÌs still hot as hell here! I canÌt take it anymore! The heat just makes me horribly lazy and I end up sitting around all day doing nothing as hell. Seriously, Carrier should start marketing air conditioning here. EveryoneÌs horribly rich yet no one has it.
Anyway, last night I met like eleven or twelve friends from my class at PaddyÌs. That was pretty fun. It ended up being another alumni party. TodayÌs Friday, so tonight should be tons of fun. My parents are gone÷ You know what that means÷ House party! Not at all actually, considering the fact I live far away from everybody. IÌm just going to go downtown and see what happens.
Oh, I love how Smirnoff Ice is labeled as Ïflavored beerÓ in the States. Here itÌs labeled as a Ïvodka mixed drinkÓ or more specifically as ÏSmirnoff Vodka with the refreshing taste of the lemon.Ó I hate it anyway.


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