Better Than Expected

This day has actually been going better than I expected! I got my textual studies mid-term back (the one I wrote at home two weekends ago), and actually got a “C” on it. This is better than I expected since the professor had announced in class that the grades ranged from “B” to “D.” Seeing that I don’t get that class at all I was sure I had gotten a “D” on it. The “C” isn’t bad at all since we can rewrite the papers for a better grade, so I’m shooting for a “B” which isn’t bad for a class I’m not particularly interested in. The professor is pretty cool though.
Chemistry… All right, after taking that test last week I felt like absolute shit! I seriously thought I only knew two of the fifteen questions! I don’t even remember getting any solutions that worked for most of the questions! Somehow I got twelve out of fifteen questions right! Out of around fifty test scores for the test form I used there were only five that were higher by mine. I don’t know how the test will be curved, but I hope I get an “A-” or something like that.
Now I have to finish up some stuff for my writing class, which I don’t understand at all! Great!

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