Battery Costs More Than Phone

This damn heat is killing me. I donÌt have any official numbers but I guess it was around 34ÉC (around 93ÉF) today. And thatÌs in the shade and you know how it can get when you factor in the sun and the humidity.
I spent the day doing absolutely nothing once again. My mom told me to get her a new battery for her cell phone; so I went to Media Markt. You know how much they want for one damn battery!? Ÿ74.99 (around $89)! I could get a new phone for that price! So we decided to cancel that idea.
Starting Friday my still-in-school friends will be out of school, so IÌm hoping part two of this Vienna vacation (once I get back from Germany on Tuesday) will be tons of fun.
Tonight÷ No clue÷ I supposedly heard thereÌs something going on, but I have no clue. IÌll probably find out around 8:30 or so.

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