Back in Vestal

All right, time to update this thing÷ What’s there to say? I flew back on the worst day to travel all summer÷ Thursday, which was the day before Independence Day. It took nearly six hours to get home from JFK instead of the usual four or so. The next day I picked up my dad at the Philly Airport. No one was on the road and therefore it took me only about two hours and forty minutes.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing except launch the new “KaiCam” which right now shows what I’m doing on my computer and tomorrow it’ll show me too, if my webcam arrives. Today I tweaked it a bit and updated the main page.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that before I flew back I had one last fun night with my friends in Vienna. I got like two hours of sleep that night, which caused me to drift into short bursts of sleep on the plane and on the car ride home. They’re horrible, I always have the weirdest nightmares and then I wake up in a jolt and whoever’s around me always gives me a “what the hell?” look.

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