Vienna Trip I

Great, I have a lot of writing to do! Well, my Vienna trip was great!
Two Fridays ago (the 22nd) my mom picked me up from college and we drove to Syracuse, where after she bought me stuff we spent the night there and I flew out the next morning. The JetBlue flight to JFK was fun. There were all these pilots of other airlines sitting next to me, so I had a pretty safe feeling. There was also this first-time-flyer girl next to me who kept getting nervous every time the tiniest things happened, like the lights being turned off or the plane shaking a bit. Basically I just watched CNN the whole flight, which is only 45 minutes of actual airtime.
I had several hours of layover at JFK, which I basically spent sitting by my gate watching CNN! Security was also fun throughout the trip. I have become a master at bypassing the at-gate extra checks. In Syracuse I snuck in behind those other pilots, which weren’t subject to the extra checks I guess. At JFK I also just quickly ran into the jetway.
Anyway, on the Vienna flight I was quite lucky, in that I had two seats free next to me. This meant I could actually sleep, because I have a habit of randomly falling over when sleeping while sitting, and otherwise I would have fell on someone. My dad picked me up from the airport and I basically spent the entire day sitting on the couch either chatting with people online or randomly falling asleep.

Monday was incredibly boring. All I did the entire day (all right, I did sleep until like noon) was buy a blank tape for my camcorder and wash and vacuum the car.
Monday night I couldn’t sleep at all, and while lying in bed I decided I didn’t want to be bored for another day, so I went to school that morning around ten.
I snuck into the school by ringing the bell at the elementary school. No one checked who I was, and I went right down to the senior lounge, where I met two or three people. I then decided to become legal and went to the high school office to get a visitor’s pass. I was feeling horribly awkward, so I hung out in the art room for a while. Towards the end of the lunch block I decided to make a big appearance. Immediately I ran into everybody I had come to Vienna to see (girls).
Wednesday I went to school again! That night I partied with my friends Johanna, Beth, and Emmelie. It was a horribly fun way to celebrate my birthday which started at midnight. I got home around four.
Thursday sucked during the day. I hate the feeling you get after you had a great night partying, and then you wake up in the morning and everything seems horribly dull and boring. It was so bad Thursday, that I still was in a bad mood when I partied that night with several of my friends from my class. We went to some show bar, where they did all this fire stuff.
Friday I had PPD (Post Party Depression) again during the day. That night I went out with Beth to a bar for about two hours. That night was the only night I got home early (around 12:30). I actually caught up on sleep!
Saturday I actually didn’t have PPD (sleep prevents it?), and that night I partied with several friends from my class again. We went and saw Die Another Day. I found it too sci-fi for a Bond movie.
After three hours of sleep I got up and got myself to the airport, where I snuck past the huge lines by checking in business class with my “Star Alliance Silver” card, even though they say you need the gold card to do it, they never stop me. I then got in line for the flight, which was huge as well, but then I saw they also had a business class line, so I took it. I once again snuck by extra security checks. My seat was in the absolute last row of the plane. Luckily the toilets were in the middle, and not next to me. Some guy I had met the night before, who graduated from my high school in 2000 coincidentally had the seat next to me.
Back at JFK the immigration guy was horribly suspicious of me, and he checked my passport like five times and checked to see if I was really on the flight I had written down on my customs card. I then took a bus from JFK to Manhattan, to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
All hell was breaking loose there. You couldn’t tell where any of the lines for the gates were. I got on the bus though, and it went to Albany. There I transferred to a bus to Syracuse, which stops in Utica.
The bus driver got horribly lost, and headed back towards New York City for about twenty minutes before realizing it and getting of the Thruway to turn around, which he did in some house’s driveway. That’s got to be strange for the people living there! “Honey, there’s a Greyhound bus in the Driveway!” He then got lost in Utica again, as he couldn’t find the bus station. Some guy went up front and helped him find it. I finally got back to college around 12:40 this morning.
It was a great trip though, and I already horribly miss Vienna again. Oh wellÔø‡

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