Underage Drinking Bust

Whoo! Finally some action here at UC! Gah, where should I start…?
Well, anyway, there were all these posters around the college for this party organized by a fraternity at this local club called The Warehouse. Since I didn’t want to spend the night in my room horribly bored again, I decided to give this thing a try. So… the posters said “free shuttle bus,” but didn’t give any specifics, so a friend and I just sat outside of our hall for forty minutes or so until we finally saw a bus. The trip was horribly short, and we were there in less than five minutes.
Well, anyway, we paid the $5 to get in and said we were underage. Not that it mattered, because everyone was able to get drinks right at the bar, whether or not they had an “X” on their hand.
Hmmm… Well my conscience told me there was something wrong here, so I just sat around for a while.
All of a sudden the DJ starts yelling, “Underage cop bust, if you’re underage put your drink down.” After repeating this three or four times the first cops were to be seen, along with the liquor authority. I didn’t think much of it because I just assumed they were having a quick look at things. Well they started picking people out and taking down their information.
Then there were these funky German guys who kept chanting stuff. I decided to say “hi” to them, and I talked to them for about five minutes or so. Then they started chanting again so decided it would be smart to distance myself from them. Good thing, because they got in a little trouble shortly afterwards and were escorted out.
Well it took about an hour before they decided to let people leave. After having my driver’s license scanned, I was allowed to leave.
Well, my friend and I decided to walk back, which took us about fifteen minutes.
Yeah… great… That was way too much fun. Now I probably have “was at a club that got busted for underage drinking” on my criminal record. And for what? Because a few eighteen to twenty year-olds drank a little. Great… And the police could have been out there preventing who knows what, but instead they ruined a harmless little party. I love this country. (See “Alcohol” entry)

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