State Fair

Yeah… so I was in Syracuse today. It rained like hell! But I managed to find a window of like an hour.
For dinner I had a Swedish meatball sub in the international foods building. Damn! It was so good.
Before going to the fair I went to the Carousel Center. While walking around looking at all the stuff I can’t afford to buy, I noticed there were tons of good looking girls walking around. They were all over-made-up as well. I mean I didn’t mind, it was just strange! Well it turns out Seventeen Magazine was having this photo shoot / modeling audition / party / fashion show at the mall. There ended up being a line through the whole mall. There were also tons of security guys… Guess that’s because someone commits suicide by jumping to their death in the atrium every few weeks.
I restarted my 24-hour support line today! The new number is: +1 315 6011 TNK. TNK is 865 numerically. All right then…

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