Rochester Trip

Check this out:
Mark – You really need to update your weblog.

Mark – I feel as though the day hasn’t really begun if I check it and it’s not updated.
Yeah… I sort of forgot. But when you’re spending the weekend in Rochester with two wonderful girls your first priority is not your weblog!
Yeah… Rochester was fun… Where should I begin…?
Yeah… So… Friday night the train was forty minutes late… That was great. And it was horribly frustrating because all these other trains went by that ended in Syracuse, so I sort of felt like getting on them, but that wouldn’t have helped. Plus the loudspeakers were playing this really sad “don’t go, I’ll miss you, you have my heart” type music… Great for a train station!
When the train finally did come though it was pretty cool because although I was traveling coach class, the seats were horribly big and no one sat next to me.
Then for some reason the train stood at the Syracuse station for like ten minutes. Then the conductor guy was like “we can catch up some time now” and floored the thing. Then, thirty seconds later he stopped the thing so hard we all like flew forward. Reason? We had to wait for another freight train. I guess we did go pretty fast then, since we ended up “only” forty minutes late.
I went right through the station (a little hut) and got into a cab. The cab driver was this Jamaican reggae-type guy and after I told him where I was going he said “all right mun!” and floored the cab through the streets of downtown Rochester while playing really loud Bob Marley tunes. After nearly getting me killed (when some car in the right lane decided to suddenly make a left turn) I arrived at Lauren and Danielle dorm complex after about ten minutes.
Then we randomly decided to go to random fraternity houses, which are located in the middle of the campus. They all smelled like old beer. I think we got to sleep around four.
The next morning… or I guess afternoon, we got up around 12:15. After some wonderful dining hall food we got on some free bus to the Marketplace Mall. There we randomly walked around for an hour and then went to some second-run movie theater where we saw Minority Report. It was a funky movie, and afterward we took another free bus home.
Then we ate more wonderful dining hall food, upon which we watched home videos and then The Wedding Singer. For some reason it was already like two, so we fell asleep.
The next morning we got up around 11:30 and then we ate at some alternate location on campus. Then, at two or so, I got in a cab to the train station.
This time the train was on time, and it stayed that way all the way to Utica. There I called a cab and got this nasty thing with old socks lying on the floor. Oh well, I was only charged three dollars, so I guess it was all right. Then I ran to the dining hall and got food a few minutes before it closed.
Eventually my roommate came back, and we watched A Bronx Tale. Then we slept.
Today was pretty booked up starting with my GOV101 class. Afterwards I had work and then FIA246.
Damn… Now I’m going to do some history homework. I hope this satisfies you Mark! Gah, I wrote like 600 words! That’s got to be a record… or at least in the top five.

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