Never as Good as the Hairstylist

Great, I got a haircut today! I love how I can never get my hair to look as good as the hairstylist does. Yeah, after I shower it will look horrible again! Wonderful!
Yeah, so I went on a shopping spree yesterday and today. Now IÌll have enough food for like two weeks!
And I spent the day custom-crafting a video for a Viennese friend of mine, whoÌs name I wonÌt disclose just for the hell of it! Yeah÷ time to upgrade the rating of my weblog from like ÏGÓ to ÏPG.Ó
Anyway, I have another video to custom-craft. I am the cameraman! Whooo! Shit, what is wrong with me tonight!? Anyway, I have got to stop using “anyway” every eight words÷ Anyway, Dah! All right, IÌm just going to quit.

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