The concept of Wal-Mart SuperCenterism

Today, I had the shopping urge. Usually that would be a problem. But no worry in Vestal, NY, we have a Wal-Mart SuperCenter!
The largest store within a 70 mile (112.7 km) radius, this store has over 210,000 square feet (64,024.6 square meters) of retail heaven! I called them before I went. I didn’t believe they were open. The other end almost insultingly said something like “Yeah, we’re a 24-hour SuperCenter!”
Apparently most people assumed they were closed. Hardly a car parked. A week ago, during a previous visit, I had to walk five minutes to get to the door. Today there were maybe thirty cars. But you must remember, people work there too. And in a huge store like that, you need people. So half of those must have been employees. So the place was like at two in the morning at 10 at night.
Now I really have to wonder. I mean you got employees in all these places waiting and waiting for a customer. Like there was a lady at the watch counter and a lady by the dressing rooms. Now how many people out of those 15 are going to use the dressing rooms, let alone buy a watch!
The nice thing though: No people! That was great! I don’t mind them being open. It’s practical. I just wonder how it pays off for them.
In other news, I finally got my screen settings fixed. The screen kept flickering. It was a pain. It ended up being the refresh rate. It was set too slow. So now my screen doesn’t flicker when I watch movies or see any animated banners! WHOOOO!

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