Random Travel, Exam Schedule

I finally have some time to write! Let’s see… Today I got up at 9:00 a.m. (3:00 a.m. EST). Since I had nothing to do, I decided to just ride around the city a bit. It’s great here at this time on a Sunday morning. Only elderly people everywhere. That so much beats some punk asking you for a cigarette everywhere you go. At this time, all you here is stuff like: “Did you hear Markus got a baby? Yes! He’s so cute!” So I rode around for about three hours or so. It was tons of fun.
I take a lot of pictures. The only problem is that I have an iMac, and they don’t take disks. I’d either have to buy a Memory Stick reader or a floppy drive. Since I don’t feel like doing either, I’ll just add them at school someday, probably Monday a week or so from now.
My week next week isn’t so bad. I only have to go to school for two hours Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and four hours Tuesday. Wednesday I have off. This is because of semester exams. After the exams I guess I should study. I will do that, but I will also be good, and write in here.
Here is my exam schedule with self-evaluation:
Monday: IB German A2: I have to write some commentary on something. Should be all right.
Tuesday #1: Advanced Algebra: Considering this class is my only non-IB class, I better do well.
Tuesday #2: IB Economics: That could be painful.
Thursday: IB Chemistry: This one I’m doing the most studying on. It’s my best class, so it should be all right.
Friday: IB English A1: This will be fun! I have to write, and write, and write!
And when all this is over, I will be happy. Until I get the results! That would be all for now.

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