Praise for MTV2

I managed to get up at 11 this morning. It snowed another inch. Now it seems the snow is coming from one of those lake-effect things.
Turning on the TV I got horribly mad again. What is with all this football. I mean, I know it is a great sport, but why do CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, as well as some cable channels all need to show it. I mean, there are other great sports out there, like curling!
My doggy isn’t feeling to good. I had to clean up after him this morning. That was fun. So for the first time in this country I’m hearing all this hard-core techno music on TV. MTV2 to be exact. Of course it is nicely mixed with other music, unlike in Europe. There you turn on MTV, and you get like German MTV, and some other German stations. All they do is strange 3D techno/two step/rave/house junk. If you’re lucky you’ll catch the US Top 20, which is on half-an-hour three times a week. Sure, I’ve only tested it in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia, but I can’t imagine it being much different anywhere there, except maybe Britain.
Hahah, MTV2 is playing “Rapper’Äôs Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. See, that’s cool, since that’s from the mid 80’s. Before, it was like impossible to see any video older than six months. Great, followed by Green Day’s “Warning.” Amazing!

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