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I’m back in Austria. I got here yesterday at 9:15 a.m. (3:15 a.m. EST). I spent the flight watching two movies, Coyote Ugly and Forrest Gump. I had seen Forrest Gump back when it came out in 1994, but it was good to see it again. Actually, I ended up seeing it two and a quarter times. That is because Coyote Ugly was much shorter, like 79 minutes, while Forrest Gump lasted 130 minutes. So after Coyote Ugly was over, I flipped over to Forrest Gump, and saw a large part of it.
Yeah, so anyway, I learned so much from seeing Forrest Gump again. You get like all the foreshadowing and stuff before hand. Even after reflecting on the movie hours later, I understood another part of it. Another reason I understood it much better was that back when I saw it the first time, I was 11, so I didn’t understand much of the context. Now I understood why it’s rated PG-13.
When I wasn’t watching a movie I was playing some video games. That made the flight go by pretty fast. When I got home I slept a while. After that, I first tried getting a weblog entry up. No success. The site wouldn’t load. Then I tried it at my dad’s office. This time I got to the login screen. Then, back at home, I got so far as to see the background of my weblog.
Thus I decided to get up at 5:40 this morning, in order to get one in yesterday. If you understand that… Anyway, The Xanga clock was ahead, so I hurried up and made it in the last minute!
That was my life until now. Now I’m in school. I swallowed my vitamins with too little fluid or food or something. Now it feels like they’re stuck someplace. A bit painful. I just had a sour roasted mocha cappuccino with sugar. Good stuff. I guess that’s all for now.
All that movie stuff reminds me that I couldn’t get that name of that movie. My friend said he forgot. Oh well.

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