Happy New Year!

I said I’d write later, and although it is the next day, it’s still later, especially today.
Yeah, and I have some anti CBS/NBC remarks to make. I mean, they were like: “5…4…3…2…1…2001! We will return after these messages.” CBS did this “Entertainment Today,” where they started showing some sad story, while NBC really did do commercials. That is so horribly cheap. ABC at least continued with Dick Clark and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Sorry about the bad comments to start a new year, but it was on my mind.
My fortune cookie ironically today told me that “All your hard work will soon be paid off.” That comes despite my parents’ feeling that I don’t do enough work. But maybe that’s some sign that I will magically work hard this year.
It snowed another inch. I must say I’m pretty disappointed. I wanted some huge blizzard with like an inch or two an hour to cover us with two feet of snow. But oh well, I’ll survive the lack of snow.
It’s around 2:30 here now, and I’m pretty tired. I’ll probably sleep until noon or so. Until then!

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