Snow, Radio, Tripod

Great, the snow started at 12:30 p.m. here, and it hasn’t stopped. Now at 6:45 p.m. we have like two inches. The picture is from like 4:00. I spent the day doing homework. That was great. I also went to two different Radio Shacks to get the batteries I needed for my World Band Radio. I love those stores, they have all the little stuff those big stores don’t.
I got one of those radios, let me tell you, they are tons of fun. I love listening in on pilots, police, ham radio dudes, etc. Plus you can hear almost any language using short-wave. They make you feel powerful.
I just remembered today how mad I am at Tripod, you know the web page host. Do not join them! They kicked me off because some idiot in a chat room reported me. So anyone who doesn’t like you can just email them saying you violated a membership policy, and they believe them. Through that I lost tons of stuff, including a weblog I had kept for many, many, years. I had been a member since early 1997 there. Anyway, now I feel better.
So the year 2000 is ticking away, and soon we’ll be in the real new millennium. Since the calendar was started with 1 AD (there was no year 0). Also I read that until around 500 AD they had a completely different system. Then the pope told someone to calculate it and he found out how many years after the founding of Rome Christ was born. Yeah right! That’s going to be accurate! Anyway, and no one celebrated the end of the first millennium. 95% were illiterate back then! And they counted more in moons and seasons then in years. They didn’t even know what a year was! So if you’re afraid of some spirit, tomorrow night is when your supposed to be afraid, not last year.
I doubt, however, that anything will change. Yeah, the economy is doing bad the first time in ten years, but hey, we’ll survive.
Today I posted about, oh, forty new pictures of Henry. And a few of me. Yeah, well, this thing really allows me to write a lot. I am about to eat now. The whole house smells like potatoes and mushrooms. Great! Well then, until me next writing urge… good bye!

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