Great Morning

Ah great, what a morning. The cleaning lady is coming. That causes madness in our late-sleeping family. This morning I got up first, which happens only a few times a year. After eating an English Muffin, I’m now down here in my basement.

The past weeks I’ve been doing a lot with my “Web Empire.” I bought a digital camera, and you can now see almost 200 pictures on my pictures site. 100 pictures of these are of my dog. I also remodeled my Syracuse Home! and the starting page. Last but not least I created this weblog.

I also paid Ask Jeeves, and that seems to be working real well. Ask Jeeves places me on the top right corner of the screen in a yellow box when you search for any of my keywords.

Today a big snowstorm is supposed to come, bringing four to eight inches of the wonderful white stuff with it. Everybody is panicing, although in the past twelve years I’ve lived here, there has only been one big snowstorm: the infamous Blizzard of ’93. Yet everybody panics that this is going to be a huge thing, although the bulk of it is passing us to the east.
Well yeah, yesterday I intigrated this as the main frame of my site. I think it will work good. That will be all for now.

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