Cheap Tape, More Snow

Ahhh, it’s now 11:15 in the evening… I spent the last two hours making a video from my digital pictures. I hook the camera up to the VCR and record the pictures on a tape. In two hours I made around 22 minutes. I bought a really cheap tape at one of those Woolworth type stores. For $1 I got a tape with 40 minutes SP and two hours EP. I’m recording in SP, so I still have to fill another 18 minutes or so. Great. I am so incredibly tired right now, it’s amazing. I’m like typing asleep.
It has kept snowing through now. It seems that most of this storm moved away to the northeast, but the end is twirling around above us. Great, well, it’ll keep me busy tomorrow. It’ll take me half-an-hour or so to shovel it away. I really look forward to it!
At this point I’ll tell you another interesting story. If you view my pictures, you’ll see I hang out in my basement. It’s all nice and big and stuff, but it is hard to heat. It is generally around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (around 16 degrees Celsius) down here. So I had to install two electric heaters and a infrared heat lamp to get it around 71 (21).
Well, I’m going to head off to bed now, have a nice night!

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