Lunch at New York City's Only Chick-Fil-A

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Inside NYU's Weinstein Residence Hall, 5-11 University Place (northeast corner of Washington Square). Closed on Sundays and possibly during the summer and other times when classes are not in session.

New York City's only Chick-Fil-A is in the Weinstein Residence Hall of NYU, right off Washington Square. It is part of a food court near the entrance that is open to the public. To get to the food court, go straight in until you reach the dining area and then pass through a turnstile to the right. If you hit the Kosher area, you've gone too far!

While it's true that this is a heat-lamped "express" location, I doubt my sandwich was out for more than five minutes since I went during lunch time. The easily accessible items were fried and grilled chicken sandwiches, some kind of chicken nugget-style items in boxes, and waffle fries. There was also a sign to ask if you were looking for something else. My fries were made on demand.

The special sauces were passed out under the watchful control of the staff. It appeared the limit was two. I took one barbecue sauce an I thought it was plenty. Mints, mayonnaise, and mustard were on the customer side of the counter, so I took a bunch.

Since this is a college food court, all counters share the same beverage selection, as well as big ketchup and mustard pumps past the registers.

This was the first time I had Chick-Fil-A and I found the fried chicken sandwich quite tasty. It had rather thin breading, and lots of chicken, which was to my liking. I also like the fact that it's just chicken and a couple pickle pieces, allowing you full control of the rest. (It appears McDonalds and KFC have copied this concept recently).

Price: $6.12 including tax for fried chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a medium soda. A trip to NYC's only Chick-Fil-A is definitely worth it.

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I love Chick-fil-A. It's the only fast food place that I could eat a few times a week and not grow tired of it. Their breakfast is underrated. Love the Oreo Shakes too.

I love Chick-fil-A!!! The waffle fries are probably one of the main reasons I go haha. I need to check this place out in NY!

NFL Superstar Kurt Warner's Life Will Become A Movie For Fox,A look at new NFL language on PUP rules
A 12-year NFL career. Two NFL MVP awards. Two trips to the Super Bowl. One Super Bowl victory. You can understand why Hollywood views the professional life of former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner the stuff of silver screen legend, so it’s no real surprise that his experiences will trigger a biopic based on his autobiography, All Things Possible: My Story of Faith, Football and the Miracle Season.
reports that the rights to Warner’s story have landed at 20th Century Fox, where producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will shape it into a feature film. Casual NFL fans likely know Warner’s impossible story, transitioning from a grocery store clerk to a starting quarterback in the NFL despite the fact that he went undrafted coming out of Northern Iowa. Warner played in the Arena Football League for years, having been passed over for multiple NFL squads. When given his shot in the late 1990s on the roster off the Rams, Warner defined the term “making the most of your opportunity.” The miracle season he’s referring to is the 1999 season, where he led the Rams to a Super Bowl victory over the Tennessee Titans, setting multiple Super Bowl records including most passing yards (414) and most passing attempts (45) in a Super Bowl game. During that season,Murder victim had keys to car rented by NFL player, Warner became one of seven NFL players to earn regular season and Super Bowl MVP honors in the same year.
So yeah,How Has Chip Kelly Adjusted To The NFL-, it’s the stuff that movies are made of. Warner continued to play for the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants, and he currently earns his pay as a professional NFL broadcaster. He even dipped into (ever so ). Now,Lions' Jim Schwartz among NFL coaches on hot seat, he’ll be the basis of a hit movie. He’s basically the polar opposite of Heisman trophy winner . Said Warner:
“For so long people have told me my life story would make a great movie. I am humbled and thrilled to have found a team as excited as I am to make that happen.”
No real details yet on the specifics of the Warner film. It’s entirely possible that whoever they find to direct will be able to use Warner in the movie somehow, possibly as a bookend to the story being told. But eventually,Notre Dame football recruiting- Hayes soaks up NFL, they are going to have to find a “young” Kurt Warner, and fill an ensemble with recognizable Rams players. Here’s hoping that the Kurt Warner story can tap into some of the motivational vibes of some of these classic football scenes. If they nail half of this emotion, the Kurt Warner movie will win 10 Oscars and set box-office records.

Aaron Hernandez proclaims innocence, talks NFL comeback in alleged jailhouse letter
Aaron Hernandez proclaims innocence,NFL Draft 2014- Ranking the Top 5 Draft, talks NFL comeback in alleged jailhouse letter Hernandez,导入空标题, who has pleaded not guilty in the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, reportedly told a pen pal that the murder case against him is all part of God's plan. By / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, August 1, 2013,African rugby player getting acclimated to NFL, 6:37 PM JOHN WILCOX / THE BOSTON HERALD/EPA
Aaron Hernandez writes that his murder case is all a part of God's plan.
believes that he will be acquitted of the first-degree murder charge against him, and intends on playing in the NFL again, according to a pen-pal letter allegedly written by Hernandez and .
In the letter to an unidentified supporter, Hernandez, who has pleaded not guilty in the death of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, insists that his name will be cleared.
So much for keeping Aaron Hernandez's prison letter off of social media.

“I know everything happens for a reason and I know ‘God’ has a plan for me and something good will come out of this,NFL bag policy will be implemented for first time,” he writes. “The world just makes things of false accusations and it will all die down especially when they say NOT GUILTY and all the people who have turned on me will feel like crap.”
Aaron Hernandez reaches out to a pen pal from prison.
Hernandez, who is being held without bail in the Bristol County House of Correction, was released by the Patriots immediately following his arrest in June. He added his No. 81 by his signature.

Police haul Aaron Hernandez to jail after the former Patriots TE is arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd.
“Can’t wait to sign (autographs)again when I’m playing again an (sic) prove all the haters and . . . talkers wrong,导入空标题!”

Is the NFL Hurting Itself By Trying to Save the Pro Bowl?
Dec 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester (23) runs the ball against the Detroit Lions during the first half of a game at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
Saving the Pro Bowl is an admirable endeavor.  Players enjoy it and it s a great way to recognize those who had great years.  The problem is, at least in the eyes of the NFL,Is Lache Seastrunk NFL bound next year- He says he, is that the game isn t competitive or exciting enough.  So why in the world did they choose to eliminate the kick returner position?
Devin Hester and other kick and punt returns indignant over new rules
The Pro Bowl is getting a serious makeover from top to bottom.  For the first time in history the rosters will be shaped not by conference but by a special draft.  Hall of Fame alumni Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders will serve as the inaugural captains with help from two fantasy users to undergo a player selection that is hoped will entice fans to watch more.  On top of that the event will feature more two minute drills,导入空标题, the first allowance of zone coverage on defense, and an increase in game tempo by not stopping the clock on a sack by the defense.  However, by far the biggest change in the format is the elimination of the kick return.  No longer will the Pro Bowl have return specialists as representatives.  Their customary spots will get filled by an extra defensive back.  For big names like Devin Hester, Patrick Peterson and Antonio Brown this is the worst news imaginable.  Indeed in the eyes of a lot of fans this is a head-scratching decision that eliminates the potential for one of the most exciting plays in football.  So why is the league insistent on it?
Roger Goodell can only go so far in protecting players in a collision sport
The same reason they cited months ago.  The men in charge want to make football a safer game.  Kickoff and punt returns are viewed to have some of the most violent collisions in the sport.  Commissioner Roger Goodell is a huge proponent of safety, so eliminating the return game all together has to be on top of his agenda.  Yet for a guy who swears that pleasing the fans is his top priority, cutting out arguably the most exciting moment during a game outside of a touchdown pass in a two-minute drill is .  Player safety is a good thing but how soon does it become a detriment to the game itself?  Football was created as a sport for tough, physical men.  It is based on hard hits,The Pop Warner Offense That Confounded Sean Payton, sharp wits and true grit (pardon the bad poetry).  There is no doubt concussion fears are worth worrying about, but cutting out a huge piece of what makes football games so much fun to watch won t solve the problem.  This maneuver in the Pro Bowl doesn t sound like something meant to increase fan interest.  For those conspiracy theorists out there,Navy lieutenant receives 'hate mail' for pursuing, it is more of a stepping stone towards banning kickoffs entirely.  Why is that bad?
How many teams around the league have good enough offenses to simply not have a need for a good return man?  Realistically it isn t more than ten.  Devin Hester and others like him were drafted for changing games on that ability to take a kick to the house or at least set up his team with favorable field position.  Take that away and many teams become a little more boring to watch.  The NFL has good intentions in mind,NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell satisfied with Brow, but there comes a time when the surgeon has to stop cutting with the scalpel.

Ask 5: Does Johnny Manziel's game translate to NFL success?
Executive No. 2: Comparable to Wilson
Yes. He has a surprisingly good arm,Donovan McNabb after NFL retirement- 'Syracuse prepared me for everything'. He has rare instincts and ad-lib ability. He reminds me of .

Executive No,Former NFL player sues Redskins over knee injury. 3: He's no Vick
No. He had the luxury of playing behind a great offensive line. I have concerns about his size, arm strength and durability. He's not nearly as talented as .

Executive No. 4: Arm, accuracy are problems
No,Work of celebrated artist, former NFL star Jim Ridlon on exhibit at Morrisville State Butcher Library Gallery Madison County Courier. He needs to really improve his arm strength and accuracy from the pocket,Jolly Ranchers make Cowboys' Barry Church mis.

Executive No. 5: He has 'rare instincts'
Yes. He has rare instincts. He's not a precision passer but he has an incredible knack for making off-schedule throws. I love his toughness and charisma on the field,Cowboys safety misses practice due to Jolly Rancher injury. He can frustrate defenders and take over a game with his ability to make unorthodox plays.

Brandon Scherff could follow path of other Iowa OLs to NFL
It's realistic to think that could happen,NFL, former players ordered to mediation in concussion lawsuit, Ferentz said. If he ends up in the same seat as Riley [Reiff] or Bryan [Bulaga, two Iowa left tackles who left early and were first-round picks], that's a good seat to sit in. You can't really make a wrong decision there.
What I would say the challenge for Brandon is to get in that seat.
Scherff played guard as a redshirt freshman in 2011 before moving to left tackle last spring. If he indeed is healthy, he will vie for All-Big Ten honors. He started at quarterback as a high school sophomore in Denison,Story behind football's innovative yellow first do, Iowa,Wally Buono on what change turned Cam Wake from NFL reject to top CFL player to, before moving to the line as a junior.
Scherff is a polished run blocker who plays with a mean streak. As for his strength, Iowa put a video on YouTube of a in which he hang cleans 410 pounds three times. It's impressive.
He is one of three returning starters on the offensive line,Johnny Jolly not giving in, and those guys are going to have to play well as the Hawkeyes break in a new starting quarterback. Ferentz is a run-first coach anyway, and it seems extremely likely that Iowa relies even more on the run than usual,Roger Goodell- Riley Cooper won't face action, at least early in the season. The season opener is against a Northern Illinois team coming off a BCS berth and Game 3 is against archrival Iowa State, so there is no time for the Iowa offense to experience any growing pains.

Giants Safety Will Hill Suspended Four Games for Violating NFL Substance Abuse Policy,2014 NFL Draft- RB Big Board
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After losing wide receiver Brandon Collins to a four-game suspension earlier this summer,Kareem Martin 2014 NFL Draft preseason scouting report, the New York Giants have lost another player for the same amount of time.
Safety Will Hill was Saturday for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse, ESPN reports.
Hill is familiar with four-game suspensions,Ryan Swope, Cards rookie, retires due to concussions, as he served one last season, as well. The NFL suspended the safety for violating the performance-enhancing substances policy.
Though Hill is not set to start for the Giants  Antrel Rolle and Stevie Brown will lead the charge he is still in competition to back up the two front men. The safety will be eligible to return to action on Sept,San Francisco 49ers Trade For Eric Wright After He. 30 and is able to take part in preseason games and practices,Steelers linebackers look to regain snarl.

Niece's illness spurs Clemons' quest to excel in NFL
Wide receiver Toney Clemons won t be playing to help the Jacksonville Jaguars win games this season or to earn a big contract.
What Clemons is playing for is priceless: his deep adoration for his 3-year-old niece, Maiyanna Clemons-McCarthy, who in May was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare and inoperable type of brain tumor.
“I have dedicated the last two or three years to her, actually,” said Clemons, a Valley graduate who is in training camp with the Jaguars and getting ready to start his second NFL season.
“Since she was born, and for decades to come,Aust punter Wing fails NFL fitness test, she ll continue to impress and inspire me. I wake up for her every day.”
Clemons has a star tattoo on his shoulder with an “M” inside of it to honor Maiyanna, his knee-high sidekick and the daughter of his sister, former Valley track star Mycah Clemons.
“We re not going to mourn her while she is still with us,” Toney said.
Clemons, 24, said his niece finished radiation treatments last week with results that brought some upbeat news: the tumor has shrunk.
The toddler continues to combat the illness, with her smile still lighting up a room as if nothing s changed.
“She is such a happy little girl,” Clemons said. “I wake up every day thinking about watching her fight. She has reunited our family and the community.”
Local fundraising efforts, as well as awareness-raising endeavors via social media, have been successful.
Maiy s Miracle Foundation has been the engine.
Clemons said the football program at Colorado, where he played two years of his college career after leaving Michigan, made a monetary donation.
The Jaguars also gave items for the family to auction.
Clemons would like nothing more than to stay by Maiyanna s side, but it s time for uncle Toney to go to work.
And he hopes a full season of experience — albeit one with more twists and turns than the routes in his playbook — will help propel him to a breakthrough season,Adrian Peterson Speaks Out on HGH Use in the NFL a.
“I am a lot more calm, poised and focused because I know what to expect,Sarah Thomas poised to become first permanent female NFL referee,” Clemons said. “I have some personal goals to hit. First, I want to know my assignments. Second,NFL suspends Colts tight end Weslye Saunders eight, I want to take every opportunity and maximize it. I want to show I can consistently do it. It wasn t just a one-time thing. And I want to make the clutch play look very routine.”
Clemons began his pro career with the , who drafted him last year, released him after the preseason and then added him to the practice squad.
Jacksonville signed the 6-foot-2, 218-pound reserve wideout, and he played in four games, catching three passes for 41 yards.
Many believed the Steelers released Clemons because he dropped several passes during camp at St. Vincent. He rarely was targeted in the preseason, though, grabbing just one reception for 14 yards.
Clemons has come to grips with the uncharacteristic showing.
“I wasn t there mentally 100 percent the way I should have been,” he said.
“You live, and you learn. The biggest problem I had was that (the drops) carried over to the next day. Sometimes, you just have to get over things. I started to find myself as a player. You re going to make mistakes, but you have to be a pro about it.”
Clemons spent a portion of his offseason in Florida, working out on the Miami (Fla.) campus.
Mostly, though,NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell satisfied with Brow, he s been in the area, working out in New Kensington with the Valley team.
“I feel comfortable working out at home,” he said. “It s beneficial to me. It s good for the local kids to see me home. I like teaching them how to work.”
Being home also prolonged his stay with Maiyanna, whom he wants to have as a guest as a Jaguars practice in the near future.
“That would be great for her,” he said. “She enjoys football. She s always been around it.”
Bill Beckner Jr. is the local sports editor of the Valley News Dispatch. Reach him at .

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