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  • Organizer, three sessions Towards a New World Literature at the GSA 2014, Kansas City, MO
  • ' "Moderne" Männlichkeit in der Literatur des Fin de Siecle und der Harlem Renaissance.' Book chapter in: Frauenphantasien. Der imaginierte Mann im Werk von Film-und Buchautorinnen. Ed. R. Möhrmann (Kröner Verlag, Stuttgart [Germany], May 2014)
  • 'The New Nomads. Yoko Tawada lesen.' Book chapter in: Die Lücke im Sinn. Ed. B. Agnese, C. Ivanovic, B. Vlasta (Königshausen & Neumann [Germany], April 2014).
  • Kyoto University, Japan: presentation on “Lou Andreas-Salomé’s Thought on Creativity”, April 2014
  • 'Practicing (Un)belonging-Tawada, the "Specular Border Intellectual"', presentation at European Social Science History Conference, Vienna, Austria, 4/2014*'Foreword'. In: Sophie Discovers America. German Speaking Women Writers Discover Amerika. Ed. R. McFarland, M. Stott James, Camden House, June 2014
  • GSA 2013, Denver, Co.: Panel on: 'Subject, Place, and Memory in the Work of Ingeborg Bachmann', and presentation on Walter Benjamin in Panel: 'The Public Intellectual and Issues of Modern Social Complexity'
  • 'Preface'. Heinz Wetzel, Set Sail for Hellas! Tr. R. Whitinger, Edwin Mellen (forthcoming)
  • 'Benjamin--The Translator/Critic in the Age of Globalization;' presentation at University of Vienna, Comparative Literature, 11/2012
  • New book: Image in Outline. Reading Lou Andreas-Salomé (New York, London: Bloombury, 2012)
  • 'Weiterdenken––Bachmann, the Public Intellectual.' In: Ingeborg Bachmann. Against the War. Ed. K. Solibakke, K. v. Tippelskirch (Königshausen & Neumann [Germany], 2012). Review: Caitriona Leahy: 'Drei Wege zu Bachmann': The Topography of Recent Criticism, in: Austrian Studies, vol. 21, 201-25.
  • 'Bild und Wort: Andreas-Salomé und Benjamin.' In: Ihr zur Feier: Lou Andreas-Salomé (MedienEdition Welsch [Germany], 2011).
  • Presentation at the Lou Andreas-Salomé Symposium, Göttingen (Germany), June 2011: "Wort und Bild: Lou Andreas-Salomé und Walter Benjamin"
  • Lecture at the European University of St. Petersburg (Russia), June 2011: "Gender, Nation, and Immigration in Contemporary Europe"
  • Lecture at the University of Miami, April 2011: "Nachtrauer - Lou Andreas-Salomé's Rilke Book"
  • Presentation at Yoko Tawada Workshop, University of Vienna (Austria), March 2011: "In Transit: Yoko Tawada Lesen"
  • Respondent at the 2011 MLA Convention, Los Angeles, January 2011: "Translation and the Construction of Transnational Memory"
  • Presentation at the Ingeborg Bachmann conference at Syracuse University, November 2010:"Bachmann-the Public Intellectual"
  • Presentation at the German Colloquium, Cornell University, 2009:"Images and the Politics of Invention: Walter Benjamin and Lou Andreas-Salome"
  • Presentation on “Benjamin’s Aufgabe des Übersetzers in Postcolonial Thought” at the ACLA’s Annual Meeting 2009 at Harvard University (check “[My Blog]”).
  • New book published: Deutsche Dichterinnen vom 16. Jahrhundert bis Heute (revised and extended edition)