Still Waiting for Sex

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I'm still waiting for my human sex grade. Since grades were due at midnight tonight, I should be able to see it when I get up in a few hours. I got a "B-" in economics, better than I expected.

I have some eye doctor appointment too, because for the past month or so my right eye has decided to stay more shut than my left one. I hope it fixes itself or I'll have to get plastic surgery or something.

I also had my left hip / rib area checked out today. My doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatory drug. That area has been annoying me since February of last year. I was told to stop lifting. I don't think I'll follow that advice. Then again, seeing that, according to Ardi, ten gym sessions in Vienna cost Ǩ150, I doubt I'll be able to work out much this summer. No wonder Schwarzenegger emigrated to the U.S.!

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