Aced Sex

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Well ladies, I got an "A" in sex... Human sex class that is... Remember that! Hahah. Anyways, now all my grades are out. I got like a 3.3 GPA. One damn tenth-of-a-point away from the Dean's List, but whatever. I shouldn't have gotten that C- in "the easiest class on campus."

It's hot as hell out right now... It's 85 (that's 29.4C for all my international readers) with a heat index of 90 (32.2C) or something. Yeah, it could be worse, but still... it's mid-May.

For some reason, despite being ahead in many technological things, Austrians have not yet discovered residential air-conditioning. So I'll be sweating like crazy there once again this summer.

I also decided to finally develop my underwater disposable camera from my high school senior trip... That's right, that means nearly two years ago. The "process by date" was December 31, 2003, so I hope they'll still turn out all right. I had to get the one-hour development thing because otherwise they would get back when I already was on my way to Vienna. I hope to post them later this evening.

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