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My boredom bred creation today... I baked a cheesecake. Yep... I ate two pieces of it, and now I feel like my arteries will burst soon. Oh well... Like I always say: "If you live healthy you can eat unhealthy!" Whooo!

I went shopping for random dorm stuff today. I went to Ames, K-Mart, Target, and will go to Wal-Mart later. Ames is closing all their stores, including ours, which only opened only two years ago. It's really creepy... They have all this sad music with lyrics like "it's time to say goodbye" playing in there. Oh well.

The K-Mart Plaza in Endicott is the most decrepit looking place ever. Gah... It's just K-Mart and a liquor store. Yep... The K-Mart was supposedly renovated a few months ago, but still looks pretty crappy.

The Target designer seems to be on drugs! Seriously! Everything he designs is like bright colored! Gah! I mean, it's still funky I guess, but who would sleep in some of the bed sets he designs? Like orange, green, and blue!

After I added all that RAM to my iMac yesterday, the computer is getting horribly hot, and will probably melt soon, but oh well...

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