Prom, After-Prom, After-After-Prom, Hotel Lobby, Car Ride

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I love how it is 7:30 in the evening here but it feels like 2 in the afternoon for me. That's because I got up at 12:30 this afternoon after a long night of pre-prom, prom, after-prom, after-after-prom, hotel lobby, car ride, etc.

It all started at 6:30 or so when, after thoroughly cleaning my car, I drove to the pre-prom party. There was very nice food there, and my non-driving colleagues seemed to be having fun ("Kai, I'm on my eighth champagne!") At 7:30 it was off to prom, and after getting lost in the parking garage, I finally made it.

Prom itself had a very happy atmosphere, although at times I just sat there pretty depressed, considering the fact that my high school is nearing its end. There must have been 30 pictures taken with me in them. Once I get them I'll add them.

When you are in the basement of a huge hotel you don't really notice what's going on outside. To everyone's surprise it was raining like hell out at 1:00 when prom was over. After a free shower, compliments of Mother Nature, we arrived at after-prom. After-prom was all right, but it was depressing. At around 3 (I think) a few of us decided to ditch after prom and go on tour of downtown. We went to an American Bar and sort of sat around for an hour until they kicked us out when they closed at 4.

Despite the fact that when we had gone on tour an hour earlier the raining had ceased, when we left this after-after-prom "party" it was raining like hell again. So a few of the few remaining of us went back to the hotel where prom had been and my car was still at. Then I drove five people home. Lots of fun. I finally got home at 5:45, and after watching all the video footage I had recorded at prom, I went to bed at 6:30. What a night!

What I haven't mentioned yet, and this is something I am pretty proud of is that I won two school spirit awards, one of which is awarded with &eur;1000 (about $900). My class chose one, and the student council awarded the other. I had no idea that I would win these, and the entire thing startled me beyond belief.

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