The Return of the Prom Date

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Whooo! I regained my lost prom date today. Guess my fighting helped! Anyway, I sat outside in the sun for twenty minutes today, and thanks to my crappy skin (redheads = bad skin) I'm almost burned. Although I have found that once the semi-burn recedes, my skin tends to be a tone darker. I can't stand the heat anymore. "Heat" right now means like 30°C (86°F) daily. I just can't take it. Can't wait to go to Rhodes, I'll probably melt. Speaking of Rhodes, the airline decided 4:45 is a pathetic time to fly and thus shoved the flight departure to 11:45 or something like that. That makes it just a bit more convenient!

I've been asked how it is possible to post to my weblog via my cell phone. It's not too difficult. Set up your email posting preferences here at Xanga, and then you just need a cell phone provider that lets you email. This can work two ways: You can either sms (text message) your provider through a special number, and they send the message for you, or if you have a cell phone with internet features, you can email directly to Xanga.

I like the first option better (costs me only about 20 cents a post), in which I just send a sms (text message) like this:

Newkai-(Xanga Email Code) (Subject) #Message goes here.

That message is just sent to my provider's special number, and within seconds my message appears on my weblog. You can also send me a text message to my phone by emailing +43 699 1151 8332 is my cell phone number here.

That was my little tech column for the day... Anyway, I'm going to go put on a little more after-sun. I wish you a pleasant day!

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