Going to School for the Hell of It

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The weather is nice, and it seems to put me in a good mood. The only thing that has been depressing me a bit is the fact that I have about two weeks of basically optional school left. All my buddies think I'm crazy for going to school when I basically don't have to, but I figure I might as well enjoy the last few days. I already feel like such a college student. Utica College of Syracuse University is already sending me bumper stickers!

I am dead tired right now, though. Today, since I had the whole afternoon free at school, I picked up my cell phone from the repair place across town. That took two hours. Then, when I got home I ran 40 minutes. And then, if that wasn't enough, I did 252 pushups. I can hardly type, but it's a great feeling to know you just pushed your body to the extreme.

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